We are a medium-sized company with roots in the fields of manufacturing of steel structures and plant.

Founded in 2002 by Günther Dietrich, we now employ more than 80 employees, including engineers, technicians, foremen, welding foremen, fitters and welders that correspond with your professional-oriented training, the international standard. Since then we have, based on the ever-increasing demands of the market, a competent and reliable partner in the areas of     

  • Industry furnace plant     
  • Pipeline construction
  • Steel and plant construction    
  • Heat exchanger and tank construction
  • Steam generators     
  • Malthouse components    
  • Wood heating equipment

develop and manufacture these with advanced technologies to around 30,000 sq meters in three production halls with 9000m² production area.

Professionalism, standards of competence and customer orientation are conditions for the recognized high quality of our work and make us a powerful partner for the industry. From design through production and installation to commissioning and quality assurance, the customer receives an expertly executed and economically viable solution for his project.

The proximity to our customers is one of the guarantors of our success!